Zambian nonprofit social enterprise, The Dream Factory has announced the 1st annual publication of the Future of Zambia – Top 30 Under 30 list for 2021. The list is curated to recognize young Zambian achievers under the age of 30, who are building brands, creating jobs, changing the game, and transforming the country.

Sharing insight about the list, Barrington Chungulo, President and Founder of The Dream Factory noted: ‘‘The Future of Zambia – Top 30 Under 30 is intended to disclose the true and genuine potentials of young people who are earnest to turn around the fortunes of Zambia’s economy and whose works are at par with their impacts.’’ He also stated that the list is expected to serve as a source of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to these young individuals whose commitment towards stimulating growth is undoubted.

The Future of Zambia – Top 30 Under 30 2021 list features talented young women and men, from students to self made entrepreneurs – in science & technology, fashion & lifestyle, arts, and more – to the emerging leaders and athletes of Zambia’s top companies, NGOs, startups and government sponsored initiatives. It is important to note that this list is not a compilation of the wealthiest or most famous under the age of 30 in Zambia. Our extraordinary jury members selected individuals who they believe are centred around impact and are on a trajectory for long lasting influence and change in Zambia and the world at large.

We are honoured to introduce you to this year’s Future of Zambia – Top 30 Under 30.



Namwezi Namwinga

Namwezi is a Zambian legal scholar who found interest in the media industry and went to start a magazine called THE MOVEMENT.

She grew up an aspiring lawyer of which she is now but persistent and crave for success has not limited her to pursue beyond her imagination. Within 3 years, as the Founder of The Movement Magazine, she has published 9 issues and her exceptional and exclusive content has made her an award-winning author and entrepreneur.

Monde Zama

Monde is the CEO of Zasik Enterprises LTD (Zasik Global), an online purchasing solution for Zambians living in the diaspora who want to send groceries and household goods to their family and friends back home.

Zasik Global is a Zambian registered business that sources local produce where possible and employs local people living in Zambia. It covers Zambian provinces and towns, such as Lusaka, Copperbelt, Kafue, Chipata, Mufwe, Livingstone, Solwezi, and many more. The enterprise has employed over 10 members of staff who fulfill the orders in the above-specified locations. It will be able to empower 30 more employees this year, 2021, with a combined annual salary of over K1.2m. The enterprise’s website is very user-friendly and allows customers to set up recurring monthly payments, and is fully secure as it uses Stripe and Paypal.


Yo Maps

Yo Maps is a multi-award-winning Zambian singer, songwriter and producer. He is currently one of the biggest names in the Zambian music industry.

He is signed under Kalandanya Music Promotions, where he also serves as the Creative Director.

Mr Stash

Mr. Stash is a multi-award-winning music producer and sound engineer. He is the CEO of Black Out Media. He also worked as the Executive Producer of XYZ Entertainment and is currently signed under Kalandanya Music Promotions.

He has produced countless hits and worked with almost all the Zambian artists. He has also worked with international acts and African superstars, such as Ice Prince and Patoranking.

Ken Dumbo

Ken Dumbo is an award-winning Zambian comedian, brand ambassador and events host. He is the CEO of Royal Breed Creations, which is an event management company. He is one of the Zambia’s top comedians managed by Fanike Media.

He has branded himself very well in recent years and that has made him a household name in the Zambian entertainment industry. Due to his high presence on social media and the content of his comedy being mostly on educating people about national current affairs and talking about things that matter, Ken Dumbo commands a huge following.

Natasha Chansa

Princess Natasha Chansa is a Zambian Lusaka-based singer, rapper, lyricist, songwriter, and dancer. She is currently signed to Zed Arts Records, an independent Zambian record label.

With less than 2 years in the music and entertainment industry, she has released classics and hit records, and has managed to achieve endorsements from Mosi Lager, Tecno, Sky Girls Zed and Empressions.

T Low

T-Low BadMan AlLahji is a multi-award-winning Zambian Copperbelt based Afro-pop, R&B and Dancehall artist.

He cultivated a desire to compose his own music in 2014 as he felt the passion to write music become more of an addiction than simply an interest. This gave birth to his professional career as an artist and songwriter. Specializing in upbeat Afro-Pop and R&B, T-Low feels relatable and danceable music can help ease the loneliness that accompanies sorrowful moments in life.

T-Low had a career breakthrough in 2017. He was featured on one of the most successful Zambian albums, releasing his first country-wide hit “Because of You” with Mumba Yachi.

In 2019, the release of his EP “The Melody Man” captured every angle of an audience from young to old with its timeless tune. He recently dropped his first album, “The Awakening”.

Jae Cash

Jae Cash is a Zambian Hip Hop/afro beat rap artist and singer.

His professional music career started when he got signed to K Army record label in 2010.

After been underground for a couple of years, Jae Cash became a household name in the Zambian music industry in 2016 with his hit single titled ‘I love you’. Since then, he has been rising, making hits, and now owns a record label ‘ Apa Ili So Entertainments’ and helps other upcoming artists. He was recently signed under Kalandanya Music Promotions.

Mwaka Mugala

Mwaka is an award-winning Actress and Influencer. She is one of Zambia’s biggest names in the acting field and also the lead in the biggest telenovela Zuba.

She became a house hold name from her role as Zuba Moono in a Zambezi magic production called Zuba, which has been airing in southern Africa.

She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Zambia in Mass Communication, and has been an Ambassador for young girls entering the entertainment industry from the time she was a first runner up for Miss Unza, to being a radio personality, and a TV presenter.

David Kazadi

David is a British-born Zambian film & commercial director.

He is the CEO of Kazadi Films, which is a full production house that specializes in creating innovative film, TV, and commercial content.

In 2020, he directed and premiered an action-movie, Black Dollar, which is Zambia’s first heist film, expected to put the country on the map with 90 percent of the film crew being Zambian. The cast features fresh local talent in lead roles, as well as industry veterans as supporting characters.


Abigail Chansa

Abigail is a professional makeup artist, entrepreneur, influencer and medical student. She is the Founder and CEO of Abby’s MakeOver.

Been in the fashion & lifestyle industry for over 5 years, Abigail considers her journey as a makeup artist as one of the best as it has created a huge platform for her. She draws her motivation from daily struggles, and as a makeup artist, she visualizes herself expanding her company globally.

Peter Mwansa

Peter Mwansa is a Zambian Fashion Designer and Influencer. He is the CEO of the brand called House Of PML. The brand focuses on bespoke tailor-made clothes for men and women to fit any occasion.

He is also best known for his brand PeterMylife, which focuses on his entrepreneurial lifestyle.

He won as the best-dressed man at Lusaka July 2020. He has featured alongside fashion influencers in blogs all over west Africa and South Africa, and was nominated for Stylist of the Year at the Designers Awards in Lagos, Nigeria.


Andrew Mwansa

Andrew is a TV presenter and political scientist. He is one of the youngest anchors in Southern Africa to be charged with a responsibility to host a highly and sensitive political show on Zambia’s leading privately-owned television station Muvi TV.

The calm but cunny Mwansa has the demeanor of someone to be be easily run over, but his depth of the guests and topics is worth taking serious.

He has hosted a plethora of high profile guests and is just getting started.

Chimweka Chileshe

Chimweka is a media personality, event host and brand influencer, who began his work in media in 2008 under the mentorship of the late Augustine Lungu at Muvi TV. After a break away from television for close to 7 years, he only began broadcasting professionally in 2017 at Diamond TV where he got his first broadcasting contract and subsequently led to his recognized presence in the media fraternity. He currently hosts the Diamond TV’s ‘’On The Table’’ show.

Chimweka has also hosted shows alongside veteran broadcaster, Ambassador Frank Mutubila as well as seasoned broadcaster Costa Mwansa and Kalumba Chikonde (K Smash).

He is the youngest person to host one of Zambia’s longest existing radio talk shows and currently Phoenix FM Zambia’s flagship show, “Let The People Talk”. 

Joel Mwanza

Joel is an award-winning media practitioner with vast experience in child reporting that he dominates the local screens in Zambia every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday mid-morning through a platform called Zkids News on Muvi Television. The program is the first-ever Kids news in Zambia since its inception in 2005. The ZKid’s news program is aimed at ensuring that children are up to date with what is happening in their country in terms of news, therefore the responsibility that Joel has is to ensure that the news is delivered to children in a creative, innovative, and understandable manner so that it is appreciated by the recipients, as they say “an informed citizen is an armed one” in creating a long-lasting impact, thus ‘Empowerment through Information’.


Angel Musonda

Angel is a Civil Engineer and App Developer.

He was the best graduating student in BSc in Civil Engineering at the Copperbelt University – Class of 2020. He is also the first Zambian to graduate with an upper distinction called Magna Cum Laude in engineering.

His recent achievement is the development of a mobile application for designing concrete mix design, which is extremely useful in Civil engineering.

Dhruv Darji

Dhruv is a medical student at the University of Zambia’s Ridgeway campus.  He had a perfect score in his 1st year in the school of natural sciences, an achievement that only a few individuals have been able to achieve since the inception of the University. In his 5th year, he graduated with a Distinction in BSc in Human Biology with a 4.0/5.0 GPA, where he emerged as the Best Graduating student in the class of 2020.

He is a natural-born leader and a hard worker that strives for perfection. He currently serves as Co-Founder/Treasurer of a non-governmental organization called “The Change Motus.” He was also an Ambassador for May Month of Measurement 2019 (Zambia Heart and Stroke Foundation).

Dhruv is particularly interested in the fields of Public Health and Infectious Diseases. He is also currently pursuing his Masters in Public Health from the University of Lusaka and wishes to spend most of his medical career as a specialist in Population Health/Infectious Diseases and also as an academician due to his deep passion for acquiring and sharing knowledge about Medicine and Health.

Mable Nandi Musabi
Mable is one of Zambia’s brightest minds and Civil Engineers. She graduated from the Copperbelt University as valedictorian and the Best Graduating Student in BSc in Civil Engineering – Class of 2019. She is the first to graduate with a distinction in Civil Engineering in more than 30 years at the Copperbelt University.

She continues to hep shape Zambia and Africa as a whole by employing the use of modern technology in conjunction with her brilliant work ethic.

Mwila Chriseddy Bwanga

Mwila is an optimistic and visionary Youth Leader, whose life’s work has been built on a vision to change the face of Governance and Leadership in Africa. He is an award-winning author of five books, a COMESA Youth Ambassador for Zambia, a USAID-YouthLead Alumni, an International Relations Expert with a solid history of achievement in Youth Development Programs, Governance, African Renaissance, Leadership, and Peace Building Strategies.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Lusaka where he served as President of the Student Union Body from 2016 to 2017. His area of expertise focuses on contributing to the betterment of our society and to help ignite change on matters that border around Governance, Leadership and Social Change.

Being a prolific speaker on rebranding Africa’s Governance structures and preserving the youth for modern-day leadership, Mwila has been invited to speak on many National and International platforms and a frequent guest on Zambia’s state television ZNBC. He is currently Founder and Executive Director of an African Youth Leadership Initiative Called BeRelevant, a COMESA Youth Ambassador, a USAID-YouthLead Alumni, and a former Ambassador to the First Lady of Zambia Mrs. Esther Lungu in the campaign to Eradicate Early Child Marriages.

His works have been endorsed by figures such as Mrs. Esther Lungu the First Lady of Zambia, Zambian Freedom Fighters such as Dr. Vernon Mwaanga, Hon. Sikhota Wina, and Mama Christine Mulundika, Former First Lady of South Africa Mama Graca Machel, and last but not the list Chris Zumani Zimba the Political Advisor to the President.

Because of his passion to transform the face of politics in Zambia and as the country enters an election year in 2021, Mwila has made known his undivided aspiration to contest for Nchanga Constituency Member of Parliament in his home town Chingola and he recently officially filed in as an Independent Candidate.


Arnold Nyendwa

Arnold Nyendwa is a multi-award winning Zambian entrepreneur and inventor who pioneered the first stainless steel stove in Africa, which is powered with LP gas, electricity and solid fuel on the same product.

Inspired by personal and family experience in Zambia, the invention aims to reduce the adverse effects of charcoal and wood stoves and addresses the lack of electricity supply in a cost-effective manner.

As an inventor, Arnold is making strides to ensure his invention not only crosses borders but reaches all over the continent and the rest of the world.

Chama Chipimo Chungu

Chungu is the Co-founder/CTO of Dawa Clinic, a digital health platform that is empowering mothers to receive remote maternal health and guide them through their pregnancy. Through Chungu’s leadership, Dawa Clinic went on to win the regional prize under the BOOST UP Competition. In June 2020, Dawa Clinic won second place under ZICTA ICT Program. Dawa Clinic is one of the 20 projects selected by UNDP Accelerator labs to help it scale.

Chungu is also one of the members of the Zambia team that won the Africa regional prize under the HUAWEI ICT competition.

He is also the co-founder of OctalWeb, a website hosting platform helping Zambian businesses have a digital footprint.

Florence Mulenga

Florence is a multi-award-winning Zambian Innovator. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy at the University of Zambia.

She conceptualized an anti-asthma body spray that could potentially prevent asthmatic patients from having asthmatic attacks whilst using the body spray as a daily deodorant and her

She is a member of The Zambia National STEM Foundation and her aim is to see young people being innovative in science, technology, Engineering And Mathematics.


David Chapoloko

David is a climate change activist, an environmentalist, forester & agronomist, a social entrepreneur, and an author of the book ‘Taking the Dream to Higher heights’.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry from the Copperbelt University and a Diploma in agronomy from Agrostudies in the State of Israel. He is commonly called ‘Mr Green’, a name given to him by society as a symbol of his continued support towards a green environment.

He is the founder and CEO of a social and creative enterprise called Art 4 Climate Zambia which through art provides solutions and advocates for Climate Action. He is also the founder and CEO of a non-profit youth led environmental NGO called Passion For Greens.

David is former UN-Environment(UNEP) TUNZA 23rd Eco generation regional ambassador to Zambia.

He also served as United Nations Association of the United States UNA-USA Climate blogger fellow- 6th cohort.

John Kabiye Kalenga

John is an award-winning youth activist who is passionate about skateboarding and uses it as a tool for social change. He is the Founder of WeSkate Mongu, which is a youth-led nonprofit organization that is aimed at inspiring children in Zambia to dream big by giving them opportunities to discover their potential through creative arts and sports education.

Through his organization, John makes skateboarding accessible to all the youths in Mongu regardless of background, gender or religion. The mission of WeSkate Mongu is to empower the youths.

He recently opened and launched the first-ever skatepark in Zambia called Lukaba Hande Skatepark in Mongu town of Western Province.


Patson Daka

Patson Daka is a Zambian professional footballer who plays as a forward for the Austrian Bundesliga club Red Bull Salzburg and the Zambia national team. On 21 May 2021 Daka was named Austrian Bundesliga player of the season 2020-21 after registering 27 goals and 7 assists in 27 league appearances. 

On 1 January 2017, Liefering revealed that they had loaned in Daka from Kafue Celtic for the remainder of the season, where he finished the season with 2 goals in 9 appearances. On 1 July 2017, he was loaned back to Liefering to play an entire season in the Austrian Football First League, after having completed a transfer to Red Bull Salzburg.

Daka was the 2017 CAF Young Player of the Year.

Daka signed a five-year contract with Red Bull Salzburg, and was initially assigned to the youth wing. He helped the club win the UEFA Youth League, scoring 2 goals in 2 games, and made his competitive debut for Salzburg the following season against Viitorul Constanța on 24 August 2019. Three days later, he made his league debut as a substitute against Sturm Graz, and he scored his first league goal for the club in a 2–0 home win against Austria Wien. On 27 November, Daka scored against Genk in the 2019–20 UEFA Champions League, becoming the first Zambian player to score in the competition’s group stage.

On 18 December 2019, Daka extended his contract with Salzburg until the summer of 2024. On 30 September 2020, he scored a brace in a 3–1 win over Maccabi Tel Aviv in the play-off round, to qualify to the 2020–21 UEFA Champions League. On 21 May 2021, Daka was named Austrian Bundesliga player of the season after registering 27 goals and 7 assists in 27 games leading to Red Bull Salzburg’s trophy victory as well as RB Salzburg player of the season after bagging 34 goals and 11 assists in all competitions.

Fashion Sakala

Junior Fashion Sakala is a Zambian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Belgian Pro League club KV Oostende and the Zambia national team. In May 2021 he joined Scottish Premiership club Rangers for the 2021–22 season.

Sakala made his debut for the senior Zambia national team on 2 September 2017 in a 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Algeria and was sent off for two bookings in the 56th minute. He also featured for the Zambia under-20 team that won the 2017 edition of the Afcon, scoring three goals. Sakala made the under-20 team that featured in the World Cup and were knocked out in the quarter-finals, scoring four goals in the tournament.

In February 2017, Sakala signed a three-year contract with the Russian Premier League club FC Spartak Moscow which was expected to run to 30 June 2020. He made his debut in the Russian Football National League for FC Spartak-2 Moscow on 23 March 2017 in a game against FC Baltika Kaliningrad.

On 9 July 2018, he signed a three-year contract with the Belgian club Oostende.

On 4 May 2021, with his Oostende due to expire in the summer, Sakala signed a pre-contract agreement with Scottish Premiership club Rangers on a four-year deal.

Enock Mwepu

Mwepu is a Zambian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg and the Zambia national team.

His career began with Kafue Celtic in Lusaka before being identified with the 2013 Airtel Rising Stars.

In 2014 Mwepu was part of the national under-17 team that represented the country at the 2015 African U-17 Championship, where Zambia played Niger, Nigeria and Guinea from group A.

During the 2015–16 season, Mwepu had little game time with Power Dynamos football club of Copperbelt; this precipitated into a move to NAPSA Stars at the end of the 2016 season.

Mwepu is known for his versatility in the field of play as demonstrated at the 2017 Under-20 Africa Cup of Nations in Zambia, where he scored a goal and was among the best substitutes of the tournament.

Barbara Banda

Barbra is a Zambian footballer who plays as a forward for Chinese club Shanghai Shengli and the Zambia women’s national team.

She is the captain of the Zambia women’s national team, leading them to the Olympics for the first time in history. She was the top goal scorer in the 2020 China Taiping Women’s league with 18 goals. She was the first female to sign a professional football contract in 2018 when she moved to EDF Logrono in Spain.

She was also the top goalscorer for Zambia on road to the 2018 Women’s AFCON.

Lilian Mukosha

Lilian Mukosha is a professional rugby player, librarian and researcher.

She is a phenomenal, ambitious, determined and enthusiastic young woman who holds a double bachelor’s degree major in Library and Information Science and Development Studies from the University of Zambia.  Besides her educational achievements, she is a passionate rugby player who has broken the boundaries of women in sports with higher qualifications in the sport of Rugby.

She is the first female Zambian rugby player with a degree: She balanced her education and sports career with exceptional results. She is an advocate for changing the face of women’s participation in sports while pursuing their dream careers. She is also using her sports career to change the lives of young people, especially girl children in different communities by showing them that nothing is difficult to obtain in this world as she is an example of what she stands for.

She has been playing rugby for 13 years both at the national and club level. She is working hard to ensure that a girl child can have a good quality of education while achieving their dream sports career; she believes that will help them from indulging in drug abuse substances and end early girl-child marriages.

Grace Manyele

Grace is a young and promising Zambian Volleyballer, who is very dedicated and disciplined.

She started her volleyball career with Spiking Stars, a community team at OYDC. Whilst at Spiking Stars, she helped the team get a number of awards. In 2019 she helped the team win a bronze during the Zambia Open Tournament. She also helped her team qualify for the 2019 Zone 6 Championship.

She is currently in the Beach Volleyball National Team and in the last stage of qualifiers for 2021 Olympic games that will be held in Tokyo, Japan.


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