Greatness doesn't quit

The Dream Factory

our Vision

We envision ourselves actively living up to our purpose that is accomplishing our goal, negating obstacles to the attainment of dreams so that young people are able to pursue and achieve their dreams, and expanding our impact globally.

our mission

 To transform dreamers into visionaries

”It is through creating opportunities for other people that we create opportunities for ourselves and at the same time help to develop our communities.”

-Barrington Chungulo

our goal

To ensure that young people never give up on their dreams regardless of different circumstances. The Dream Factory`s model of intervention is supported by four thematic areas that include





Recent Activities

[Virtual Event] GCMx Zambia 2020

The Dream Factory, in partnership with Global Changemakers, presented the first-ever annual GCMx Zambia 2020 virtual event in Zambia. It was a two-day life-changing experience that

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